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With my background in art, design, theater, fashion, make-up, and costuming, I feel all my skills are being utilized in doll making.  My “characters” are fun and theatrical, and a bit over the top. My figures have won awards in the “Sulky Thread” challenge, the “Treasures of the Gypsy” challenge, the “Hoffman Fabric” challenge, and the “Dimensions in Doll Making” show in San Diego.


I've had a career making costumes, masks, and hats for 35 years. I worked in all mediums: television, stage, commercials, film, opera, and theme parks. Now, semi-retired, I spend my time on my dolls and pursue other creative outlets. 


Highlights from past jobs have included making hats and masks for a number of Broadway shows, (including “The Phantom of the Opera”); and making puppets for the Jim Henson Muppet Shop. And, making costumes for Jim Carry in "The Grinch".


I started making dolls while living in New York in the 80's & 90's. During the art-doll craze, galleries regularly feature Art Doll shows, including the “classic” doll artists who inspired me: Gail Lackey, William Wiley, Robert McKinley, Adnan Karabay, and my favorite doll artist: Van Craig.


My first pieces were sculpted completely of Paperclay. Then, I joined a cloth-doll club and started working in cloth. I'm now experimenting combining clay and cloth together, and playing with fiber art & mixed media dolls


I hope you enjoy.




Me at 3 years old, looking very dapper in my fedora & bow tie.

   Halloween, 2014

With "Gypsy"

(Pamela Armas's dog)

with "Winnie",

(Nancy Kreischer's dog)

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